Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Going "Above and Beyond"- Bill Field is Recognized with a Blesher Award

Bill Field, Director of Facilities and Corporate Compliance Officer at The Arc of Delaware County was recognized for “going above and beyond” his duties by THRIVE staff and participants on July 27th when they presented him with a Blesher Award. 

 During a recent air conditioning system malfunction that lasted several days Bill once again showed his genuine caring for people. As described in the Blesher nomination, Bill immediately jumped into action checking with program staff to assure there were no heat safety concerns for individuals, he used his ingenuity to secure and strategically place large barn fans throughout the building to keep air as cool as possible, and arrived at the building early each morning to open windows and cool down the building. Bill constantly checked on the status and comfort of everyone in the building throughout the day. by THRIVE staff and participants. 

Bill’s actions and caring were greatly appreciated by everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Carousel Children's Services Staff Receives Blesher Award

On August 14th Blesher Lil' Heart paid a visit to Carousel Children’s Services (CCS) to bestow a Blesher Award on the staff who were responsible for the continuation of excellent services to children in the program during a staff shortage.

Beverly “Honeybee” Tuthill, Program Manager shared that staff accomplished this by working together, supporting each other, and by being innovative in coming up with new ways to work with the children. “They used communication effectively to keep each other informed, and took on extra duties with a smile” she said.

Congratulations Carousel Children’s Services!

Pictured in photo L to R: Front row: Andrea Misa, Kristin MacRabie, Blesher, Sibel Finn.
Back row left to right - Lillian Moore, Kristina Anderson and Emily Tackabury


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Community Living Skills-Arkville Recognizes Travis Rausch With a Blesher Award

When Travis Rausch arrived at CLS- Arkville on Thursday, July 14th, he was surprised to be greeted by Blesher. But he was even more surprised when it was announced that he was the one to receive a Blesher Award that day! The CLS- Arkville staff had nominated Travis because of his willingness to step in and help, always with a smile on his face. He is currently covering CLS-Arkville’s transport needs and he quickly built a strong rapport with staff and those we support. Staff noted, “Travis has a very fun attitude and is a pleasure to be around! He has a “can do” attitude!”  It was noted that he consistently displays “SEAN” (Smart, Eager to Learn, Ambitious and Nice) qualities.

Congratulations Travis!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Night of Celebrations!

Myles Magnan recipient of Carousel Children's Services Outstanding Achievement Award
An evening filled with stars occurred on July 8th when The Arc of Delaware County held its Annual Membership meeting and Awards Ceremony at SUNY Delhi’s campus. This event which was sponsored by Relph Benefit Advisors serves as a keystone celebration recognizing the outstanding achievements of individuals in each of The Arc’s programs, as well as honoring community members and volunteers who have enhanced opportunities for people with disabilities, provided dedicated service, and embodied the spirit of being kind and neighborly.

This year’s award winners received "Shining Star" trophies from The Arc of Delaware County and Certificates of Recognition from Senator John Bonacic, Senator James Seward, Assemblyman Clifford Crouch, and Congressman Chris Gibson. Dignitaries attending the event included Joe Angelino who presented Certificates of Merit from Assemblyman Clifford Crouch, and Wayne Marshfield, Town of Hamden Supervisor.

George Suess Outstanding Achievement Awards were presented to individuals who have been an inspiration to others through their personal perseverance, and individual growth. Award winners included Myles Magnan (Carousel Children’s Services), Dolores Hirschel (Community Living Skills-Arkville, Fred Hammond (Residential Services), David Barnhart (Resources for Industry), Edson Jones (THRIVE) and Donald Sedor (Community Living Skills-Walton).

Community recognition awards were presented to three individuals: Kalii Tas, Fred Doyle, and Dave DeForest.

Receiving the Father Eugene Willis Good Neighbor Award was Fred Doyle. This award is given to those who actively support involvement of individuals with disabilities in their community. The tremendous personal growth of an individual was directly attributed to the kind and caring relationship that Fred nurtured as they worked together volunteering at The First Presbyterian Church of Stamford.

The Partner of the Year Award was presented to Dave DeForest, Assistant Professor of Applied Sciences at SUNY Delhi. Steve Finkel from The Arc shared, "Dave has championed a diverse list of learning opportunities for people with disabilities including, kayaking, gardening, survival training, snowshoeing, skiing and many more activities. Both SUNY students and Arc participants have learned a lot about each other in the process".

The Luella Rogers Exemplary Volunteer Award was presented to Kalii Tass of Fishes Eddy, NY. Kalii has been volunteering for over 10 years at Community Living Skills-Walton (CLS-W). Hilary Miller, Program Director at CLS-W shared that Kalii "is an essential piece to the success of people at program. It is clear that she has long standing relationships with people shown through her interactions of compassion and friendship…She unhesitatingly steps in wherever and whenever needed."

During the Membership meeting Officers and Directors were sworn into office by Wayne Marshfield, Hamden Town Supervisor, and Jennifer Guigliotti. Serving for the 2016-2017 term are President, Robin Evanitsky, Vice President, Ira McIntosh, Secretary, Sandra Bullis, and Treasurer, Nat Thomas. The Directors for the 2016 – 2018 term include: Sandra Bullis, Lori Cetta, Robin Evanitsky, Kathleen Green, Ira McIntosh, Johna Peachin, and Greda van Leeuwen. Serving on the Nominating Committee for the 2016-2017 term are: Lori Cetta, Robert Rothenberg, Nat Thomas, and Gerda van Leeuwen.
Kalii Tass recipient of the Luella Rogers Exemplary Volunteer Award
It was fitting and that the community fireworks which had been delayed due to weather the previous week lit up the sky as The Annual Dinner was ending. What a night to remember!
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