Friday, September 30, 2011

Joining Hands and Hearts to Help Communities Recover

Rebecca Townsend, Life Coach for the Arc of Delaware County (Delarc) coordinated flood recovery efforts by the people of Delarc. She states that she felt compelled to act when immediately after the flood, the people she worked with asked her what they could do or how they could help. The felt very badly for the people affected by the flood she said, “As an agency we are involved in our communities. Usually we’re looking to communities for their support. So it was natural to look to give back.” Several people at other locations within Delarc jumped at the opportunity to help.
At the Resources for Industry location in Walton, 15 people participated in different ways. Some collected and donated food, toiletries, clothing, and items for backpacks to be distributed through Delaware Opportunities. Sally Kauffman was involved in gathering donations and said they all worked together to make a list of items needed by the flood victims. She said “We’re a team effort around here. Us and the Arc- we see a need and jump into action. A lot of us volunteer in communities.”
Others worked through Sidney Civic Center to assist homeowners in their clean- up efforts. After assisting two homeowners in cleaning up their basement, hauling garbage, and cleaning a refrigerator, Fred Hammond and Melissa Finch were asked to come back and help another homeowner. They helped an elderly woman move furniture in her flood damaged home. Fred said “I just felt like helping and I had a good time.” They plan on going back. Melissa said, “I like to give. Call me, I will go right back. I like to work and clean.”
When asked how the act of volunteering impacted those involved, Rebecca stated: “I have seen the personal pride in what they did by those that have helped. Being able to give back to their communities, being able to make new personal connections in the community was really neat!”
The Arc of Delaware County is a not for profit organization that supports people with disabilities to live personally fulfilling lives. For more pictures about our flood recovery efforts or information about our organization visit our website, or call 607-865-7126.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You May Know a Winner!

You May Know A Winner!
It is always fun to discover the personal side of people that you may say “Hi” to everyday but not know well. Check out these names of people that have entered and/or won prizes for their entries at the Delaware County Fair and congratulate them! Capture the opportunity to ask them more about their projects and interests and get to know them better:
Horsemanship-Brenda Scott and Brenda McCall (Thrive), Francis Schulz and Jean Borget (RFI) all won blue ribbons in their respective classes. Also participating was Alissa Cronin (Life Coach-Thrive) who entered the barrel riding competition.
Photography- Sammie Conklin (RFI) placed 3rd in the amateur class. Also participating were Bob Bates and Becky Todd (Thrive), Billie Savory (RFI) and Janet Stoop (Life Coach- Thrive).
Amateur Drawing- James Mould (RFI) won 1st place and a blue ribbon. Teresa Vengen (RFI) won 3rd place. Also participating were Karl Lucker and Lewis Pepper (Thrive).
Amateur Painting- Shannon Robinson and Patricia Finch (RFI) entered paintings.
Cooking- Cindy White (Thrive) won a blue ribbon for her chocolate chip cookies. Nancy Haydon (Thrive) won 2nd place for her oatmeal raisin cookies.
Jewelry making- Doris Knowles (Thrive) won first place for jewelry making.
Sewing- Janice Hess (Thrive) won a red ribbon for a quilted walker bag she made.
Tractor Pull- Warren Stelter (Thrive) received a ribbon for 4th place.
The Hamden Town float - sported a photo of the Hamden covered bridge taken by Thomas Ferrante (Thrive).
Brandon Condon planted a flower garden at the Fairgrounds on behalf of CLS-Walton. This garden at the fair has been a project of CLS-Walton for 5 years.