Monday, February 24, 2014

Survival Skills and Outdoor Adventures with SUNY

SUNY Delhi has teamed once again with The Arc of Delaware County to provide wonderful programs linking people from The Arc with college students. 5 adventurous classes revolving around the themes of ecology and nature are being held February 12th through May 7th. Participants will learn many survival skills including those focused on winter which include building shelters and fires, and having fun snowshoeing. To view photos of this first adventure visit our Flickr site:
Future classes will include learning how to make cordage (rope) from forest vegetation, tapping maple trees and collecting sap, making maple syrup, preparing the Butterfly Garden at the SUNY EDU Center for spring and working on survival skills involving food and water. At the last class to be held on May 7th they will have a survival activity day to test the skills they learned.  


Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Winning Combination

Kevin (seated) is surrounded by Andes Central School PreK-1 students and Coach Adam VanValkenburgh and his assistant Janice Armstrong (standing behind Kevin).
For 3 years Kevin Allen, has enjoyed being a Volunteer Assistant Coach for the Pre-K through Kindergarten gym class at Andes Central School. “I love the kids!” he shared and is using this opportunity to develop his independence and become skilled at using praise to encourage others, both are personal goals of his.

At the beginning of each class Kevin places markers for where children should stand. Then the children, ready for “warm up”, follow Kevin’s lead as he guides them through a series of exercises that he has selected and practiced at home. Kevin enthusiastically encourages the children if they have difficulty with an activity exclaiming, “You can do it!”

“Kevin is just phenomenal. He is always up for new challenges, willing to try new things and be involved” stated Coach VanValkenburgh. “This class is focused on what you can do instead of what you can’t.”   
To view more photos of Kevin and the Andes Central School gym class: