Thursday, November 14, 2013

And the Beat Goes On... The Rhythmic Arts Project Founder at The Arc for the Ninth Year

Eddie Tuduri, Founder/Director of The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) visited The Arc of Delaware County at four locations this week. Eddie has been working with The Arc for over 9 years integrating the methods and techniques that he developed into The TRAP program and applying it in different ways to aid people in learning. Eddie explained, “The essence of The TRAP program is that it is fun. And it teaches people how to listen, follow directions, communicate, share, and many other social skills.  It draws people into the realm of learning.” He clarified that “TRAP is NOT a program on how to play the drums but rather a tool.” People learn with more of their senses in the TRAP program, because the drums and other rhythmic instruments provide a tactile, auditory piece to aid in remembering things.  They learn many skills such as sequencing, colors, math, coordination, social and communication skills as a result of the class. And the TRAP methodology can be used in a variety of learning situations.  For example, on Thursday, Henry Kamp received a lesson in timing from Eddie to hone his joke telling skills.  To tell a joke well, timing is everything!  Henry also learned about voice inflection and introducing emotion into stories and jokes. Henry and Chee Chee the Clown provide entertainment at several venues in Delaware County and Henry utilized the TRAP program while preparing for a December event at the Office of the Aging.

When asked what changes he had seen over the years spent with The Arc of Delaware County, Eddie shared that he didn’t see many pure TRAP classes being taught this week. However what he did observe was a variety of ways that segments of the TRAP program were being integrated into individualized learning. 

The joy and excitement that Eddie brings with each visit to The Arc of Delaware county was evident by the hugs, smiles, and warm greetings he received from those who have had the pleasure of being in his class before. 

Enjoy photos of Eddie’s visits to Community Living Skills-Walton, Resources for Industry –Walton and THRIVE-Hamden. (Photos not available from Community Living Skills-Arkville).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Betsy Adamo Recieves Blesher Award

“Betsy is always looking for a better way to do things. She is interested in program activities, looks to protect and preserve building and equipment and is constantly vigilant about safety. She has been a wonderful resource and “additional pair of helping hands” at our Parent Support Meetings.” states Barb Thompson, Community Relations Assistant.

Examples of how Betsy personifies the six unifying principles of the Arc of Delaware County include:

Those We Serve Come First-Betsy kept the staff apprised of conditions that could affect the safety of those we serve including everything from icy parking lots to county fire training events where large vehicles commute through the parking lot.

Commit to Excellence- Betsy always looked to preserve and protect agency facilities and equipment while allowing planned program activities to run smoothly.  For example, when a classroom was to be used for evening child care, she would carefully wrap and secure computers and equipment to avoid potential damage.

Be Dedicated- She demonstrated her interest in program activities with comments, ideas, and suggestions.  She looked for the safe arrival and departure of the parents and children attending the Parent Support Group meetings. When the front building entrance was undergoing renovations she kept watch for new arrivals, guiding them to an alternative entrance while staff was occupied with the evening program.

Employee Satisfaction- Betsy always looked for ways to assist staff. Whether with set up or clean up after meetings, Betsy always asked what she could do to help. Many times she volunteered to put away equipment and clean up refreshments so staff could leave for home when programs ran later than expected.

Communicate Effectively- Betsy always checked scheduled building use and advised Community Relations of potential conflicts. This mitigated potential problems on several occasions.

Be Innovative- Betsy always found ways to make Parent Support Group activities successful. For example, when she learned that there would be crafts involving painting, she proactively slid plastic bags over tables to protect them and make clean up easier. For a Halloween Donut game she obtained plastic sheeting to tape under the donuts to ensure safety and cleanliness during the game.


Congratulations Betsy on your Blesher award!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Carpentry Students Share the Fruits of Their Labors

Much was accomplished over the course of 7 weeks when Russ Neale, a community partner who has extensive skills in carpentry, led a comprehensive workshop this summer and fall.  Four students learned woodworking “A-Z”, from the various types of wood, their properties and uses, to safety and operation of equipment and tools.

  Each student designed and completed an individual project of their choosing. They also worked as a team to create a project together.  October 25th was a special day when they delivered their team project, an Adirondack chair and table, to be enjoyed by people at Main Street Residence in Delhi, NY.  

 Proudly displaying their craftsmanship are 2 of the students: Tracey Rossi (seated) and Will Vovchik standing behind Tracy. Also pictured (left to right) are staff from The Arc of Delaware County Mike Sikorski, Annette Plath, James Callender, and Russ Neale, Carpentry Instructor.  Not pictured, are two individuals from Community Living Skills-Walton that participated in the class.
Pictured showing his individual project is Will Vovchik with a cherry picture frame he made that enhances a drawing made by a friend.