Friday, April 12, 2013

Comedy and Magic Delights Crowd

Henry Kamp and Chester Delamater (Chee Chee) have teamed together to produce a comedy and magic act that delighted the audience at Delarc’s Hamden, NY facility on 4/11. This is the 2nd time they have entertained together, the first being at the Senior Meals site in Walton, NY. 
For years, Henry has loved being a comedian and delighted audiences at several events in both in Delarc and at other venues in Delaware County.  Chester Delameter also known as Chee Chee the Clown is a well known performer in our area and learned about Henry and his interest in entertaining while performing at Delarc. For the 18 months Chester has shared his expertise with Henry on presentation and costume design while Henry has become an important part of the act with his comedic repartee. Chester said it was great working with Henry.  “He comes up with things that really work well and we enjoy bouncing jokes back and forth to each other.”
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Joy of Giving Makes Life Worth Living -Celebrating President's Project Week 3/25-3/31

Several individuals from The Arc of Delaware County have been volunteering and giving back to their communities for many years.

Rhonda Reynolds assists at the Stamford Library on a weekly basis, helping to shelve the returned books and keep things organized and looking great! Rhonda enjoys both the work and the close personal connections she has made at the library. She loves baking cookies and bringing them in to share. The staff at the library ensures that Rhonda's birthday is a special day when they celebrate it together.

Kevin Allen has been given the title of “Volunteer Assistant Coach” at Andes Central School. Kevin loves sports and working with the children in K-1st grades during gym class. He independently sets up and supervises games as well as leads the exercise class. The coach says, “Kevin is just phenomenal”. When he arrives at school the children flock to him. Also a sports lover, Thomas Ferrante volunteers at Margaretville Central School. The third grade and middle school children look forward to his enthusiastic participation and assistance in their gym program every Friday.

Sharing their love of reading Tina Cawley and Jennifer Gugliotti read to children at South Kortright and Sidney Central Schools. Tina enjoys not only reading to the children but assisting the teacher with activities related to the story. The teacher had enjoyed having Tina assist in the classroom so much that she contacted Arc staff to ensure that Tina would return to her class the following school year.  Jennifer develops an activity for the children based on a story that the teacher has selected; she assembles and brings all of the materials with her to class and loves helping the children with the activity after she finishes reading the story.

In addition to individual efforts, self advocates combine their efforts to support both local and world communities. Each month over 20 people attend Self Advocacy meetings to conduct a variety of activities, including planning and implementing fund raisers.  Funds raised have benefited communities near and far, such as local flood victims and the Wheelchair Foundation which provides wheelchairs for people in need throughout the world.

These are just a few examples of the many ways people are contributing their gifts of time and talent to their communities. Volunteerism is a meaningful and important part of the lives of individuals from The Arc of Delaware County, we love to give and get much personal satisfaction in return!