Friday, June 17, 2016

Eating Smart

 L to R: Denise Darling, Andrea Day (Instructor), Amanda Green, and Lanora Nash-Steinbacher.

The Delaware County Cornell Cooperative Extension service provides Eat Smart Programs at several convenient locations throughout Delaware County. When the “Discover My Plate” Eat Smart program was recently offered at Cornell’s Hamden location, people jumped at the opportunity to learn more about healthy eating.

These ladies (pictured) along with Alethea Stanton, Perry Ragusa and James Spath (not pictured) enjoyed learning about adding more color to meals by increasing fruit and vegetables, the importance of whole grains and fiber in the diet, rethinking what they drink and reducing sugary beverages, and eating healthy portions. They enjoyed an in-class “pop up” store learning about selecting and purchasing produce. Then the “piece de resistance” was the preparation and enjoyment of a lunch prepared during each class. The final day of class was celebrated with a healthy taco lunch. Ole’!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Tale of Three Blesher's

Shown L to R: Val Stafford, Terri Beers, Blesher, and Justine Kelly
Val Stafford received a Blesher Award For exemplifying the Unifying Principles for leading by example by being willing to “step up and step in”, providing assistance whenever and wherever needed, being a positive, supportive mentor to both staff and those we support.

 The CLS- Walton team nominated her and wrote: “Val always has not only an open door but an open heart and mind. She’s always willing to step up and step in.” Some examples were given such as when they were short staffed she jumped right into a classroom to teach for the day, she is always quick to find the right answers to their questions, she makes staff and those we support feel valuable, she always has an upbeat and positive attitude, she knows her audience and gives praise and constructive criticism in a way that is well received, and last but not least, she is really great at coming up with new ways to help individuals work on coping skills and ways to communicate their wants and needs.

Justine Kelly and Terri Beers received a Blesher Award for exemplifying the Unifying Principles through exceptional teamwork that resulted in an individual achieving personal fulfillment with a highly successful college presentation. They helped Bruce Besdansky as he prepared a model of a brain, helping him study it and prepare for a presentation in front of a class.  “Bruce was smiling ear to ear with his final project. He was very proud”

Justine Kelly and Bruce Besdansky with Bruce's Brain Project.
            Congratulations to Val, Terri and Justine!