Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Celebrating Developmental Disability Awareness Month with Volunteerism

Today as we celebrate Developmental Disability Awareness month we recognize the value of VOLUNTEERISM in our communities.  Volunteering has many benefits both to the volunteer and to those receiving the benefits of their help. Here are some stories of folks who love to volunteer in their communities:

 Dan Woytowich helps out in the community by volunteering his time to a senior citizen. He walks "Minnie" the dog for her owner Rose. Rose is very happy that her pet is getting out for some daily exercise. This volunteer opportunity is in partnership with Catskill neighbors--A community volunteering group that helps seniors stay in their home--with a little help from a friend or two.
Kathy Moore enjoys going to the Heart of the Catskills animal shelter in Delhi, NY where she just loves spending time and  and giving love to all of the cats.

Jennifer Gugliotti volunteers weekly with a kindergarten class in her hometown of Sidney. Jen plans and prepares a book to read to the children each week, as well as a craft that coincides with her book.  Jennifer prepares a lesson plan as well as all the materials and supplies needed to create the craft.  Jennifer is surely loved by all the kids and they look forward to spending time with her each week.

Rhonda Reynolds is the official 'plant caretaker' for Robinson Terrace, an adult care center in her hometown of Stamford, NY. She makes sure the plants and trees stay beautiful for the residents and visitors by visiting weekly and providing care. Throughout her time with Robinson Terrace, Rhonda has made many special relationships, especially with her friend Judy, who she routinely visits after she is done caring for the plants.

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.