Monday, December 28, 2015

Funds Granted To The Arc of Delaware County Have Great Personal Impacts

The Arc of Delaware County was delighted to receive two grants from NYSARC’s Trust Remainder Funds for the purpose of supporting guardianship services and to provide recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  The grants totaled $15,000.

With the Recreation funds, individuals were able to pursue a vast array of person centered recreational activities.  Roberta Butler was overjoyed when she learned funds were available to her.  She had long dreamed of attending a Christian concert and dining at seafood restaurant.  Together Roberta and her Life Coach, Janet, planned a very special evening, including attending a Matthew West Concert and dinner at Red Lobster.  Janet shared that in the days leading up to her special night, Roberta would inquire ‘how many more days until I go’ and together Roberta and Janet would review the calendar and continue to count down the days.  When the day she had been looking forward to had finally arrived, Roberta exclaimed “Today is the concert!”  They were escorted to their seats, two rows from stage.  Roberta stood all throughout the concert, singing, dancing and clapping along.  After the concert Roberta proclaimed “that was the best time ever!”

The funds received for guardianship services will assist with ongoing expenses of operating the Guardianship program and for life enhancing activities for people receiving guardianship services.  As the Guardianship Committee often fills the void of family, guardianship funds are often used to provide for birthdays, holidays, vacations and special events.  The Arc of Delaware County’s Guardianship Committee, comprised of dedicated members from the community, currently provides guardianship services to two people for whom NYSARC, Inc. serves as Legal Guardian.   The committee ensures all decisions made are in the best interest of the individual and are in harmony with the individual’s personal values and preferences, just as a concerned family member would do. 

A total of $1,874,000 in remainder grants were awarded in 2015 to support recreation and guardianship to NYSARC Chapters statewide.  NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that enable people with disabilities to remain in their home and community while retaining Medicaid services and other government benefits.  Information is available on how NYSARC Trust Services may benefit you at  To learn more about Services available through The Arc of Delaware County, click on the services link at or call (607)865-7126. 
Roberta Butler enjoying a meal before the Matthew West concert.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Woodworking Class Gives Back


Local craftsman Russ Neale has been sharing his love of woodworking with people from The Arc of Delaware County for several years. His class is popular and people jump at the opportunity to take his class and learn all about wood, its properties, and how to make wonderful things. Several students have won prizes at the Delaware County Fair for the items they have made in Russ’s woodworking class.
From teaching safety practices to sensational wood finished products, Russ provides an in depth and fun experience for all! This Fall 4 participants created individual projects including ornate boxes and birdhouses and then worked on a group project together. View photos of the class, the items they made and the large planter box group project that was donated to Community Living Skills in Arkville, NY. View more photos: 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Arc of Delaware County CEO Retires

George Suess receives the ‘Executive Excellence Award’ at the National Conference of Executives of The Arc.  Pictured with George, holding his award, are Steven Kroll, NYSARC Executive Director, Laura Kennedy, NYSARC Board President, Sharon Suess, Nat Thomas, The Arc of Delaware County Board member, and Molly Little, Director of Day Services and soon to be CEO for The Arc of Delaware County.
After 36 years of unwavering dedicated service to The Arc of Delaware County and a lifelong career in human services, George Suess will retire from his CEO position at the end of this year.   His future plans include spending more time with his family and continuing to spread the message of positive behavior supports.

It is difficult if not impossible to sum up George’s vast achievements and contributions over his extensive career with The Arc of Delaware County.   Through George’s guidance and inspirational leadership, The Arc has not only made significant contributions to the lives of children and adults with disabilities at a local level, helping them to live personally fulfilling lives, but by sharing the proactive philosophy and positive approach with other organizations George has lead the way to impacting the lives of countless individuals across the nation.  George’s contributions to the field were recently recognized by the National Conference of Executives (NCE) of The Arc when he was chosen to receive the Executive Excellence Award, the highest honor bestowed upon an executive leader of The Arc.

 The Arc of Delaware County’s Board has been preparing for George’s upcoming retirement for a few years, methodically planning for succession and transition.  Board President, Mrs. Robin Evanitsky shared “After a very thorough interview and selection process, we are pleased to announce that Mrs. Molly Little was chosen to serve as CEO effective January 1.” 

Molly first joined The Arc of Delaware County in February 1995 as a Social Worker Assistant.  Her dedication, commitment, and demonstrated leadership have earned her several promotions over the years, including Program Coordinator in 1996, Assistant Director of CLS-Walton in 1997, Program Director at CLS-W in 2000, and Director of Day Services in 2011.  Molly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Education.  She lives in Walton with her husband Ty and her three children Mara, Meyer, and Maddox.

“It is with great emotion that we announce George’s retirement; however we look to the future with eager anticipation and enthusiasm as we welcome Molly Little in to her new role as CEO.”   concluded  Mrs. Evanitsky.    The community will have an opportunity to congratulate George on his retirement and welcome Molly to her new role at a celebratory event in mid January; for details on the event contact The Arc of Delaware County Community Relations Dept. 607-865-7126.