Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Delarc Staff Recognized

Delarc congratulates Terri Beers & Arlene Goedel, who recently received visits from Blesher Lil' Heart, Delarc's staff recognition mascot.

Terri's nomination form read:
"Terri took the time to help me complete a job responsibility. During the staff retreat, she was willing to re-certify my CPR Certificate when it was 'free time' for staff. This allowed both of us to keep our schedules without needing to rely on others to cover."

Arlene's nomination form read:
"Arlene always puts the people we support first. Whether it's covering, staying with folks when they are not feeling well, or having muffins and coffee with them on their birthday, Arlene always has the people we support first on her mind and in her heart."

The nomination forms went on to describe how each displayed Delarc's Unifying Principles. Congratulations again to Terri and Arlene!