Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coming Together to Support Healthy Families

Lisa Wing has been volunteering at the Core Values Thrift Shop in Stamford, NY since December 2008. She takes pride in sorting the clothing, pricing them, and neatly putting them on display to be sold. But when asked what her favorite part about volunteering at Core Values has been, Lisa quickly replied, “Being around other people, being out in the community, and meeting Sandy, David and Rose.”

Kelly Gardepe, a Life Coach at The Arc of Delaware County who supports Lisa, explained, “Lisa has developed a special friendship with fellow volunteers David and Sandy Stevenson and Core Values Manager Rose Churchill. She was thrilled to be one of the honored guests at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner held at Brook’s BBQ in October. She looks forward to Fridays when we go to Core Values and she volunteers her time working side by side with her newfound friends.”

Lisa, together with the assistance and support of Sandy, Rose, and Kelly, was recently able to contribute to her community in another significant way. She collected baby clothes from the Core Values Thrift Shop and donated them to the Healthy Families Program of Delaware Opportunities. Healthy Families helps families gain knowledge about childhood development and age appropriate activities that enhance development; they also do referrals to other programs or agencies, depending on the needs of the families.

When Lisa presented her with the baby clothes, Rayeanne Stein, Family Assessment Worker for Delaware Opportunities’ Healthy Families Program, commented, “I just think it’s great there are people within our own community supporting each other and understanding that sometimes we all need a little help. Also, the network of different agencies working together for the greater good of the community is just awesome.”

Lisa Wing and Sandy Stevenson volunteering at Core Values Thrift Shop in Stamford, NY.

Lisa Wing presents a donation of baby clothes to Rayeanne Stein, Family Assessment Worker for Delaware Opportunities’ Healthy Families Program.